For those who care about health and hygiene of the face, would have been familiar with cream kilogram. Yes, the cream of this one is known as a cream to treat and overcome the various problems faced by the face like acne that is inflamed and never dry, preventing the appearance of acne, eradicate blackheads, rejuvenate skin, remove blemishes acne scars, skin tightening of the face, disguise signs of aging, and so forth. Another interesting thing kilogram of skin care cream is a cream that is suitable to use by anyone, whether male or female. Kiloan cream can also be used for oily, dry face, and also a normal face. Even more interesting, the kilogram cream is also safe to use for those who have sensitive facial skin. This is what makes the cream kilogram as a cream which is very useful for those who pay attention to their facial beauty.
After learning about the benefits of the cream kilogram, you also must know the ingredients contained in the cream kilogram. Here are the ingredients of cream kilogram:
• Collagen
Collagen is a natural protein that serves to support the health of the whole body. Collagen contained in the cream kilogram will make skin look more radiant.
• Japanese papaya and Japanese tea
These two materials are materials that are always present in the cream kilogram. Japanese tea and Japanese papaya serves to prevent the signs of premature aging such as wrinkles on the face. In addition, this material can also be used to ward off free radicals.
• Powdered pearl
The benefits of pearl powder is to overcome the black spots on the face and prevent the appearance of acne.
• Arbutin
Arbutin is a material that has been known as a natural ingredient as anti-aging and makes the skin softer and smoother.
AHA serves as an ingredient for accelerating the regeneration of the skin so the skin is dull it will be easier to overcome
Thus the benefits as well as the materials used in cream kiloan. To obtain maximum results, you can use the cream kilogram in the morning and evening. Rates are priced by the kilogram cream itself was spelled out very affordable.

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