You have acne? Annoyed with your acne? Or concerned with acne scars that will result? Hm, this is indeed the tiny one likes trouble. Starting from the arrival of painful and unsightly, until his departure still leaves scars.

Acne scars are still left on the face will reduce the level of aesthetics or beauty on your face. How come? Some black point will be enough to disturb your skin. Most people will complain to the residence of acne scars on the skin especially in large quantities. Care would be willing to do to get rid of this acne scars. Whether it is medical care or with traditional and natural materials.

Removal of acne scars is one of beauty care products are quite popular in the market. Not only are there one or two types of acne scar removal products, even tens of advertisements race – the race to market acne scars removal products with excellence each – each and according to skin type each – each.

For you lovers of herbal ingredients nan traditional to do health care, not to mention beauty treatments, you can listen to some of the following ways and start trying to make a way as relieving acne scars, let alone face the fact that acne scars are more difficult when compared to remove acne.

One of which is very familiar with the world of health and beauty care of facial skin. His role as a refreshing skin, relieving inflammation, as well as the healing of acne scars is making it as an actor in the product mask, facial cleanser, and others – others.

The use of tomato pieces around the face will help refresh the skin. Vitamin A content is high enough efficacious in inhibiting the production of excessive oil or sebum. Though sebum or oil that is the cause come and acne. Its function as a refresher for skin is derived from vitamin A content of its nature as an antioxidant. In addition, tomatoes are also able to repair and renew skin scars on the skin, not to mention the facial skin.

The combination of cucumber and tomato
Both of the above material has a remarkable function for facial skin care, especially as the removal of acne scars. Both were considered to be very effective in eliminating scars – are stubborn acne scars on your skin. In addition to these main functions, the combination of cucumber and tomato is also able to tighten pores – pores of your skin, so it looks more fresh and of course delicious to the eye. And you can still feel confident wherever you go. Usually, a combination of both is used as a face mask.

Egg whites
For those of you who do not like egg whites, you can use it to help you remove acne scars. How it is so easy. Simply by rubbing the egg white with cotton or gauze on your face and leave on for your sleepless night. This method is said to be effective as a reliever stubborn acne scars, especially as a deterrent to the emergence of the little annoying or acne returned.

Efficacy substance called honey is undeniable. The function and role for the health of the world has also been well-known and proven efficacy. In the world of beauty treatments ever he can contribute to the effectiveness of honey as a reliever acne scars. The use of this honey was no less simple and equally easy to use materials – other materials on top. Simply by rubbing honey on the face area is thin – thinner and routinely done every day, then you will feel the difference and benefits.

Of the various ways above, you can choose one of the ways that you can apply. Remember, do it consistently and regularly. Care was not quite done just yet. Moreover, as a reliever acne scars. Surely it takes time and patience in the struggle to eliminate them.

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