Already you familiar with cream kilogram? This cream is a skin care product that is currently being loved by a lot of people because it gives real results and quickly on the skin. Efficacy of this product can be directly seen in just a few weeks. No need to wait too long. As we know, the skin has a myriad of problems such as dull skin, acne, and the most severe is aging. It was all due to the pollution, dust, UV rays and free radicals that threaten us every day. It is not rare to experience a wide variety of skin problems such as irritation and inflammation that cause red marks on the face. To fix this, you can use the cream kilogram.
Cream kiloan only use safe ingredients in the skin only. The materials are already guaranteed a natural and frequently used in other beauty products. The material is collagen, vitamin C and E, pearl powder, tea Japan, AHA, and kojid acid. The combination of all the ingredients in the cream kilogram can brighten the skin and eliminate other skin problems quickly. You are guaranteed satisfaction with the use of this cream for your skin. Cream kiloan also has a distribution license that makes the cream kilogram fit for circulation and use. In addition, these creams have also gone through the test process to provide real benefits to consumers. Hydroquinone and mercury are not present in this cream so that the cream is very safe to use by both men and women.
Because the cream kilogram is now widely used and booked, then you should be wary of the many counterfeiters are ready to trap you. So if you want to buy a kilogram of cream, order in cream kilogram authorized distributor in order to avoid fraud. Authorized distributors usually have numbers authorized agents. Another way to determine the original kilogram cream or not is to see if there are any security kilogram pack in a cream product. Cream of the original kilogram has a special hologram that can not be imitated by counterfeiters. Additionally cream kilogram now use the new packaging and appearance. The new packaging has a color that is quite striking but still elegant and refined so it is difficult to imitate the counterfeiter.

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