Anyone would want memilliki pretty face and clean of any facial problems such as dark spots, acne, and so forth. This is because a person’s face with acne or black spots will create confidence is lost. Thus, the only way to restore confidence is by using beauty products in the form of a cream that is able to overcome these problems. One cream reliable and safe to use is cream kilogram.
Cream kiloan is a facial cream produced by using beneficial ingredients such as collagen, AHA, vitamin A, vitamin C, Japanese papaya, japasene tea, kojid acid, as well as other useful materials to solve various problems in the face. As for the problems that face could be faced with using creams kilogram are as follows:
• Eliminate and prevent acne come again
• Disguise and remove the black spots on the face
• Remove the stain facial acne scars
• Whiten and brighten the skin
• memperbaki dullness by lifting dead skin cells on the face
• Decrease the pores so that dust and pollution do not stick to the face. This is because the pores are large the biggest cause acne prone face and become dull
• Rejuvenates the skin
• Tighten the skin and remove the signs of aging.
The numerous benefits that can be obtained using the kilogram as a cream cream daily to make healthier faces. Then how to use the cream? Benefits provided by the kilogram cream will really feel when used twice daily. The first is in the morning before leaving for the activity and the second is before bed. Kilogram cream used in the morning will protect the face from the dust and dirt that will make the face dull. As for the night, use a cream kilogram after you clean the makeup is still attached to the face. The use of cream kilogram in the evening will help the skin to regenerate so that it can appear whiter and brighter. So what else are you waiting for? By using the cream kilogram, then the face of a healthy and beautiful will be yours.

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