Causes of Eyes Panda



Eye is one important part of ourselves. How come? We can see all kinds of Almighty God’s creation with our eyes. Therefore, eye health is very important to be maintained. Healthy eyes are beautiful eyes. Agree? If the eye has a disorder and can not perform their normal functions, whether they look pretty? What about the eye stye? Belekan eye? Not pretty, is not it?

Well, the problems – the problems in the eye such as those mentioned above certainly do not want to have. Surely you want to know the cause, to be able to avoid and prevent it. Minus any eye problems such as this currently causes some people ‘think’ is not pretty.

Maybe some people agree that having eye minus and must wear glasses it was not pretty, but maybe some other people would say instead that the problem does not wear glasses and still look beautiful. Well, for people – people who think not beautiful, they will switch to contact lenses to replace the function of glasses. Yes, that’s the importance of appearance for some people in this world.

In addition to the above problems, there is an eye-related problems that usually makes angry and ‘annoyed’ by obstructing the beautiful appearance. The problem is it? Yes, panda eyes. If you hear or read the term panda eyes, then you would imagine panda is an animal.

Have you ever look at the dark circles around the eyes of the beast? Yes, the black circle that is referred to as the panda. Panda eyes that have a circle around the black must have looked funny. However, what happens if the panda eyes ‘move’ in your eyes? Still looked cute kah? Or does it look quaint and beautiful? So what causes the panda’s eyes appear?

The cause of the appearance of panda eyes is an important thing we need to know if you do not want to have dark circles nan ‘cute’ of this bamboo-eating animals. After knowing the cause of panda eyes, then you will be able to easily overcome and eliminate them. Here we will consider and discuss about the cause of panda eyes that you should watch:

During this time, some people will ask you “did you sleep last night?” When you have dark circles around your eyes. this indicates that the cause is lack of sleep panda eyes. Yes, could be. Actually the dark circles named this panda eyes are blood vessels under the eyes that is actively working when you lack sleep, moreover, plus the stress factor.
And should you close your eyes and sleep to rest your eyes, but you do it to stay up to perform various activities. Then the blood vessels under the eyes were working too active and appeared panda eyes.

Often we see, people -people who are elderly have dark circles under his eyes. Are they also experienced fatigue from lack of sleep? Of course not only the cause. In theory, increasing the person’s age, the increasingly thin and translucent look to the skin. As well as on the skin of his face. Therefore, the dark circles that appear are shadows of blood vessels more visible due to the thinness of the skin of the elderly.

Heredity is meant here is not the panda lineage. But the descendants of people who have thin skin. As with age, heredity has a thin skin will cause the blood vessels under the eyes look and seem like shadows – shadows, so called precisely panda eyes.

Medical treatment

Those are some causes of panda eyes. If you’ve found the cause of which one is ‘culprit’ panda eyes, then immediately solve major problems and avoid the cause. However, if the factors of age and heredity is to blame, then you have to calm your mind because it will not harm and it is a natural thing. Understand the definition of beautiful, so you no longer complain about – things that are outlined for you or even make you not be grateful for the blessings that God has given to you.

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